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Adopted Isn't a 4-Letter Word
We see their stories as beautiful, even redemptive. But, often, our kids feel like the walk around with a scarlet letter on their chest that stands for “adopted.” Whether your child came into your family at birth or as a preteen, one of our roles as parents is to walk alongside him or her to process both the trauma and loss as well as the blessing of adoption.

Join other parents and waiting parents on Saturday, September 14th as The Sparrow Fund partners with Attachment and Bonding Center of PA for “Adopted” Isn’t a 4-Letter Word. Cheryl Nitz, ACSW, LCSW will speak to the whys and hows, addressing the challenges we face both internally and externally as we talk to our kids about their stories.

Come prepared to listen, learn, and practice skills to take home and implement that day.

Registration includes lunch.

The event is limited to 85 attendees. We will maintain a waiting list as needed.

Session 1 - The Why's and the Challenges We Face
Session 2 - The How's for Young Ones and Not-So-Young Ones
Lunch with guided discussion
Break Out Sessions by Topic
Session 3 - Going Forward Together

To encourage both parents of two-parent homes to attend, we provide a price break for registering two parents together. Single parents are welcome to attend with a support person who is active in his or her child's life.

Hague training certificate provided at completion.


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